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November 2023

The Walk is a global diabetes awareness-raising campaign that takes place every year in November and is organised by the World Diabetes Foundation.

Raise awareness and represent your organisation this year - join us!


Who can register?

If you are a healthcare provider, patient organisation, NGO, or other type of organisation, the 2023 Global Diabetes Walk needs you.

Individuals are welcome to register as well – but first, browse the Walk Map to see if there’s a Walk nearby that you can join.

No Walk in your community? Become an organiser yourself!

How to participate?

Choose the distance and the date or dates you want to Walk. Many Walks take place on or around November 14, World Diabetes Day – but any time in November is fine.

Then register your Walk. Don't worry: if the details change, you can update your registration afterwards.

Why participate?

When you Walk, you take care of yourself, and spread awareness about the importance of diabetes prevention and care.

You also gain visibility for your organisation. WDF will feature outstanding Walks on its websites and social media channels  – sharing stories and pictures from ambitious organisers like you!

After your Walk is completed, you will receive a digital certificate of appreciation from the World Diabetes Foundation.

Global Diabetes Walk
November 2022
Global Diabetes Walk

2022 Walk Ambassadors

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South East Asia

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